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  • Category: Full Stack
  • Project date: March 15, 2021
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BugOut Bootcamp Survival Guide

Group Project | Roles: JWT Authentication, Google OAuth, Google Drive Integration, Site Design

BugOut is an application built for students embarking on their coding journey. Starting from a coding bootcamp myself, I wanted to develop a tool that would organize the many resources that are scattered across multiple platforms. A code editor allows the user to save/update/delete code snippets quickly to their Google Drive which are automatically organized by language. Class resources are readily available such as links to the class Zoom room, Trello board, lecture recordings, etc. A "Checkin' In" form tracks a users progress and a job board encourages them to start their job search. This was my first chance to have an active role in almost every aspect of the application. Through working on Google authentication, database manipulation, API calls, site design/layout, etc. I was able to see every aspect of how the front and back end work together. From concept to execution, this has easily been the most challenging yet rewarding project I have been a part of.

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SASS, Material UI, Bootstrap, JSON, PostgreSQL, Shell, React/Redux, Node.js, Express, Passport, Sequelize, Google OAuth2, CodeMirror2