Project details

  • Category: Full Stack
  • Project date: Feb 3, 2021
  • Project URL: Github Link


Group Project | Roles: UX/UI Design, Javascript Logic

LayrFive is a collaborative social development site for software engineers. It was designed as a place for developers to share their projects for others to view, rate, and comment. Each user provides their Github username so that developers can view their code. This also provides the opportunity to connect with others through Github, which can be a difficult platform to seek out developers outside your circle. Users are able to filter the main project feed by language in order to target projects they are most interested in. I used HTML/CSS, SASS, and Bootstrap for design and Adobe Illustrator to make the LayrFive logo. This was built in less than a week using Node and EJS before learning React. I love the concept behind this app and, given more time with my group, I would like to rebuild it using React/Redux. I think this would improve responsiveness and over-all user experience.

Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, EJS, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, AWS, HTML/CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator